Procella Audio makes loudspeakers that meet and exceed the highest audio standards of the entertainment industry. The company's products are used in some of the world’s most beautiful home cinemas, in stereo music systems, as well as in professional post production facilities for digital cinema, in music recording studios and in premier quality cinemas.

Procella Audio loudspeakers are designed to reproduce all forms of sound, life-like, natural, from the singing bird to the raging storm. Classical music, rock, pop or the latest blockbuster movie, a Procella Audio speaker system can bring it all to life…

Full-range, bi-amplified active loudspeakers, powerful subwoofers and compact two-way loudspeakers are available. Each loudspeaker is designed without compromise. 

The objective is to offer you a comprehensive loudspeaker system that produces the best audio quality possible, based on industry standards set by the professionals who make the music and movies to begin with. 

Ask your AV installer to install a Procella Audio system in your home theatre or screening room and you will own a system that could belong to a music mixing studio, a post production facility or the private screening room of a movie director.


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