CineWide Technology

What is it and why should I be requesting a CineWide system?

Have you ever watched a movie and wondered why there are annoying black bars at the top and bottom of the screen?

These bars are visible because the director decided to film the movie in an aspect ratio (typically 2.35:1) wider than that of a 1.78:1 (16:9 or widescreen) aspect ratio television / projector screen. However, fear not, with correctly specified products these black bars can be a thing of the past. So what should I ask my custom installer for to eliminate these black bars?

The solution is simple, by requesting a CineWide screen from Screen Research, your screen can match the native format the director intended the
movie to be viewed in.

However, this is only half of the solution...

Although your screen now matches the movies native format, your projector is still only capable of displaying 1.78:1 format images and therefore would not fill the full width of your new screen. Thankfully there’s a simple solution for this too.

When your custom installer specifies a projector from Runco, a CineWide lens can be added when ordering your projector. Therefore, allowing it to display a CineWide image, as the director intended, as well as eliminating those tedious black bars.

There are further advantages when opting for a CineWide system:

  1. Your screen is approximately 20% wider providing a more cinematic viewing experience.
  2. Because your projector is no longer wasting light output by projecting black bars onto your screen, your image will appear brighter, and therefore the perception is improved image quality.
  3. The full resolution of the DLP device is used, meaning you get a true 1080P resolution, and none of the resolution is wasted projecting unnecessaryblack bars.

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